Full Guide to Start Playing Soccer: Soccer Gear and Tips for Beginners

Full Guide to Start Playing Soccer: Soccer Gear and Tips for Beginners

Soccer is a sport that stands out for its ability to teach young people crucial values such as cooperation, discipline and tolerance – making it an invaluable and formative experience.

This guide will assist you in getting started if you're a beginner wishing to play soccer in Canada. Everything from necessary equipment to soccer basics and protecting the safety of young players will be covered.

Essential Soccer Gear for Beginners

One of the most critical pieces of gear for any soccer player is their footwear. In Canada, where weather conditions can vary, it's essential to have a pair of soccer cleats with the right stud pattern for the field type. 


For beginners, opt for a basic pair of cleats that provide good support and traction. To choose the right pair of cleats you must first assess what type of ground you will be mostly playing on. An all-around great cleat we recommend is the Nike Mercurial. They are the ultimate cleats for staying ahead of the soccer curve. 

Shoes are categorized into different playing surfaces. After assessing the surface you’ll be playing on most frequently, head over to Premium Soccer to purchase the perfect pair of cleats. Grab a pair of firm ground cleats if you’ll be playing outdoors on natural grass or opt for its multi-ground counterpart that is also useful both indoors and outdoors.


Soccer cannot be played without a soccer ball so you might want to remember to pick one up as well. Either for practicing at home alone or playing with friends, a ball is more than useful, it is a quintessential element of the game. Choose the appropriate ball based on your age group and get playing. 

For parents wishing to get the appropriate gear for their children, here is an easy soccer ball guide: size 5 is for everyone aged 12 and up, size 4 for players aged 8-12 and size 3 is for youth players aged 8 and under. 

You also must not forget shin guards as they are essential for all players' safety and well-being. Minimize the risk of injury by investing in high-quality shin guards. Tackles and collisions are a part of the game, but shin guard sleeves that fit snugly are an absolute must and even required on some fields. You may also grab extra training protections to wear during games to lower injury risk even more.


If you plan on taking the pitch you should also have a pair of soccer shorts and a jersey of your choice. Check out our guide on jerseys and find the one you’ll rep proudly. Make sure your gear fits well for easy movement while playing. For training, we have a wide variety of soccer apparel that will keep you comfortable, dry, and moving with ease. 


After running your heart out on the field, you will surely need some water to rehydrate yourself. Grab a versatile and durable water bottle from our selection and even get it matching your favourite jersey colour. A soccer bag will also be needed for carrying all your belongings and gear with you to the field. Luckily, we’ve got you covered for it all with our soccer equipment collection.

How to Choose the Right Soccer Cleats?

Selecting the right soccer cleats can significantly impact your performance on the field. The perfect pair of soccer shoes is tremendously important. Below are some tips for new players who are just getting into the sport. It is important to note that shoes are a matter of preference and everyone should opt for shoes they feel most comfortable in.


Always consider the type of field you'll be playing on. For natural grass fields, traditional cleats with studs are best. For turf or artificial grass, cleats with shorter, rubber studs or flat soles are suitable. 


Your cleats should fit snugly but not be too tight. Make sure there's enough room for your toes to move comfortably. You will need the extra tad bit of room to be able to move your feet optimally in the shoe and explode with speed on the pitch. Too much of that room and your foot might slide back and forth in the shoe, leading to blisters.


Choose cleats made from durable materials. Leather offers a good combination of comfort and durability, while synthetic materials can be lighter and more affordable. This category is where preference plays a big role.


Visit our store to try on cleats and walk around to ensure they're comfortable and fit well. Feel free to even take a few practice shots on our mini net.

Soccer Tips for Novice Players

Whether you're a young enthusiast just starting out or an adult looking to pick up the sport, mastering the basics is crucial to becoming a skilled soccer player. Here are fundamental aspects that every soccer player should focus on.


Dribbling is the art of controlling the ball while running. It's a fundamental skill that every soccer player should master. Practice dribbling with both feet to become more versatile on the field. Remember to keep the ball close to your feet, use the inside and outside of your foot, and vary your pace to keep defenders guessing.

Passing is all about moving the ball effectively between teammates. Focus on improving your short and long passes. Practice passing with both feet to become a more well-rounded player. Always make sure to keep your head up to scan the field and make accurate passes.

Your first touch is crucial in soccer. It's the ability to receive the ball and control it in one smooth motion. Practice receiving passes from different angles and in various ways to improve your first touch. The better your first touch, the more time you'll have to make decisions on the field.


Scoring goals is the ultimate goal in soccer, and to do that, you need to be able to shoot accurately. Work on your shooting technique by practicing various types of shots, including volleys, and shots with both power and finesse. Remember to follow through on your shots and aim for the corners of the goal.

Understanding your position on the field is essential. Whether you're a defender, midfielder, or forward, know your responsibilities and how to support your teammates. Study the game and learn from experienced players to improve your positional awareness.

Where to Buy Soccer Gear in Canada

Premium Soccer is your one-stop shop for all your soccer needs in Canada. From shoes and shin guards to balls, bags and jerseys, we’ve got everything you need to help you become a better soccer player. No matter if you play recreationally or competitively, stay ahead of the game and shop with us. 

Shopping online is fantastic and convenient, but trying on the shoes you are interested in and even juggling a ball with them is an experience you can only have in our premium soccer store in Montreal, Canada. Follow the Premium Soccer TikTok for more content and updates!