Find the Best Type of Soccer Cleats for Different Surfaces

Find the Best Type of Soccer Cleats for Different Surfaces

Looking to get that extra edge out on the field? Your choice of soccer cleats is a good place to start. And depending on the football surface you're playing on, you'll need to pick the appropriate shoe to be able to maximize performance and impress everyone with your skills. 

Here at Premium Soccer, our main goal, as one of the top soccer shoe stores in Canada, has always been to offer you the best quality products & equipment to elevate your game. There's no surface we can't tackle – so no matter what pitch you are playing on, keep reading to discover the best types of soccer cleats to be playing in.

If you're playing on natural grass

These are the types of soccer cleats you need to buy:

  • FG for Firm Ground soccer cleats, the "classic cleat", made for firm & natural grass surfaces.
  • HG for Hard Ground soccer shoes, ideal for hard and sun-baked ground. 
  • SG for Soft Ground soccer cleats, created for wet conditions or well-groomed soft fields.

There’s nothing that beats the feeling of playing on a fresh field and feeling your cleats dig into the real grass or ground beneath you. Playing on this surface comes with a long list of things to take into account, notably the condition of the grass itself, as it impacts the shoe’s qualities.  

The main stud patterns & characteristics of natural grass cleats include: 

  • All FG soccer shoes have non-removable plastic molded variations of triangular or circular studs. Perfect for getting that perfect grip in top condition short grass.
  • HG cleats have shorter non-removable molded studs, present in greater quantity. 
  • SG cleats will generally have removable and long metal studs for ultimate grip in the wet.

The most popular & best firm ground soccer cleats we sell:

If you're playing on synthetic grass

The best types of soccer shoes for synthetic grass are: 

It’s hard to ignore how synthetic grass represents a large majority of soccer playing fields these days. It’s inevitable to have to end up playing on them at some point during your season. So make sure you always have a backup pair of turf soccer shoes to dominate the field.

The main characteristics of synthetic surface soccer boots include: 

  • For use on artificial grass:
    • Large pattern of connected conical studs
    • Extra layer of glue or fabric around the toe for increased durability from abrasion
  • For use on turf:
    • Thick and padded soleplate
    • Small dimpled pattern throughout the bottom for minimal penetration on surface

The best artificial grass/turf soccer cleats at Premium Soccer are: 

If you’re playing on multiple surfaces

The perfect hybrid shoe for soccer players exists and is referred to as: 

  • MG for Multi Ground soccer cleats, ideal for those alternating often between firm natural grass and thick artificial grass surfaces.

Multi ground cleats are essentially a hybrid of a firm ground shoe and an artificial ground shoe (FG/MG or FG/AG). You can use them multi ground soccer cleats on hybrid grass systems, but also on harder grounds like in sand or soil fields. They have quickly gained popularity because of their versatility and performance capabilities.  

The main characteristics of MG cleats include:

  • Non-removable molded studs configured in an equal pattern under the shoe 
  • Balanced stud pattern perfect for maximum grip 
  • Shorter studs to reduce pressure when running
  • Reinforced outsole to maximize stability

Shop the best multi ground cleats at Premium Soccer:

If you're playing indoors/futsal

This is the one type of soccer shoe you need: 

For all indoor soccer-related activities that don’t involve a grass field, the need for a solid flat-soled soccer shoe is obvious and imperative. As to not damage the courts, your shoes, or most importantly, yourself, make sure you grab a pair of indoor soccer playing shoes. 

Main characteristics of indoors or street soccer shoes include:

  • Flat-soled
  • Added reinforcement & stronger structure
  • For use on the street or court: 
    • Thick sole & thicker material around upper seam for support
  • For use on indoor gyms & wooden floors:
    • Thinner outsole for maximum grip & agility

Browse our list of recommendations for indoor & futsal shoes:

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