How to Choose Between the Different Soccer Cleats Tiers

How to Choose Between the Different Soccer Cleats Tiers

The beautiful game of soccer calls for talent, agility, and precision. In order to improve performance on the pitch, selecting the appropriate footwear is essential. In addition to comfort, soccer cleats protect players and enhance their skills. Understanding the various soccer shoe tiers is crucial for navigating the wide selection of choices on the market. 

Understanding the different prices of soccer cleats

Ever wonder why shoes that look so similar to each other vary so much in price? It is because they come in different tiers that are basically variations of the same model. This blog will take a deep dive into the differences within brands and tiers of soccer shoes to help you find the perfect one for your needs and budget.

Nike Soccer Cleats Tiers Explained

Nike is one of the most renowned names in the realm of sports. They offer a wide range of cleats separated into 3 main tiers. 

  • Their top-of-the-line cleat is dubbed the Nike Elite. They are the best performing and highest quality cleat that many professionals wear. Surely, the quality comes at a cost. Their price is in the neighborhood of 330$ and they are designed for players who are invested in the game and play at a competitive level.
  • Nike’s second tier of cleats is called the Nike Pro. They are quite similar to the Elite but are more affordable. The main difference between the two is a small change in the material. They are also designed for competitive players and are the perfect cleats for anyone on a medium budget. They range from 180$ to 210$.
  • The third tier of Nike cleats is the Nike Academy. These are shoes that are intended for recreational players who won't need to take advantage of the state of the art technology and material of the higher quality tier shoes. They still look very nice and you may opt for whichever model you like if you are on a tight budget. Their average price is around the 100$ mark. 

Adidas Soccer Cleats Tiers Ranked

Adidas cleats are a staple in soccer. They come in a variety of tiers just like the Nikes, but unlike their competitor, they use numbers instead of names to distinguish them. You will often see the name of the shoe model followed by a + sign or a decimal number to indicate the tier of the cleat. 

  • The top tier adidas cleats are the +. These shoes are the most pricey as they are intended for competitive use. They are lined with high-quality material and are often laceless in order to provide high-accuracy touches and efficient control. It also gives the shoe a sleek look. They also have unique liners in the shoe that grip the player’s sock for a tight and sturdy fit. + tier adias soccer cleats will set you back at least 320$.
  • The second tier of adidas cleats is called .1. These cleats level down a notch from the + tier but are still very valuable. Still intended for competitive players who play regularly, a pair of .1 tier adidas shoes will cost you between 300$ and 350$. These cleats have laces which do not sport the benefits of their laceless alternatives but make them more customizable to the player’s feet. Their outer build is almost identical to their counterparts in the tier above.
  • Following, the .2 adidas soccer shoes are for those on a budget who still want a nice pair of adidas shoes. Designed for semi-competitive players, they are a considerable step down from the cleats in the tiers above. They come in quality mesh that is built to last under the trials and tribulations of the soccer pitch. The approximate price range for this tier of boots is 170$-190$.
  • The last and least tier of adidas soccer cleats are the .3. These are the perfect shoes for recreational players who don't want to spend a lot of money on cleats. They are considered to be the economic shoe of the soccer world. The average price for a pair is 100$. They do not have the same fit or feel as the cleats in the tiers above but still get the job done very well. 

Different Puma Soccer Cleat Tiers

Puma is another top brand that produces soccer cleats. Their shoes are divided into 4 different tiers with familiar names. It is also important to note that the bottom of soccer cleats vary by model and not by tier.

  • The top tier of Puma soccer shoes are called the Ultimate. Worn by certain professional players, this tier offers the top cleats Puma offers. High quality and intended for competitive use, they are made from premium materials and technology. A pair of these will cost you over 265$, depending on which model you choose.
  • The next tier of Puma cleats is the Pro. These cleats offer high mobility with quality materials but cost less than their counterparts in the tier above. They remain very lightweight as they are built for competitive use as well. They are a very good choice for those who are on a moderate budget as they cost at most 150$.
  • Thirdly, the Match tier Pumas can be seen as the best low-cost version of your favorite Puma cleats. They are not made with the same materials, features and technology as the shoes in the higher tiers, so they are much cheaper as a result. A pair of Match tier Puma soccer cleats will cost you give or take 100$.
  • The fourth and final tier of Puma cleats are dubbed the Play. Intended for recreational use, they are the heaviest yet most affordable shoe you might be able to find. They are mostly only available in youth sizes, making them a great choice for your kid to run around and play in. Their price tag is around the range of 75$ a pair.

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Scrolling through different tiers of the same shoe model might be confusing, but hopefully we were able to give you a helpful guide with this blog. Be sure to check out the Premium Soccer TikTok for more content and updates!