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Discover the Best Soccer Cleats for Each Position

Discover the Best Soccer Cleats for Each Position

Ready to take the pitch and bring home a victory? You and your team should know what type of cleats are best for whatever position you’re starring in. Many of our customers have been asking the experts at Premium Soccer what kind of shoe would be best for particular positions on our Premium Soccer TikTok account. We bring you this blog to answer all your questions.

Find the right cleat for your soccer position 

Our goal at Premium Soccer is to ensure all players have the right gear to tackle game day, no matter the position they play. It is important to note that although these suggestions are made, no particular type of soccer shoe is linked to any position. The right shoe for you is the one that is comfortable and most importantly gives you that clutch confidence.

Give up on giving up goals: best cleats for goalies

Goalkeepers are the one-off position among soccer players. They require cleats with good traction and support, as they need to be able to make quick movements in various directions. Therefore, goalies need a shoe that is sturdy yet lightweight. 

  • Nike Tiempos – A great option for goalies! They are Nike’s best leather cleats designed for comfort and control. The Tiempo Legend 9 Elite FG has a sturdy outsole for stability while being stitched with material thinner than the Nike Premiers.
  • adidas Predator Precision.1 FG – Another great choice for a goalkeeper boot. Its cutting-edge demonskin technology features small silicone studs on top of the shoe for maximum grip and control. You’ll never have the ball slip behind you into the net ever again.
  • Puma FUTURE Ultimate FG/AG – These mid-cut cleats aim to replicate Neymar Jr’s agility and playstyle. Feel free to explode in any direction to save the ball quickly and with ease while you have these cleats equipped. Explore the FUTURE Pro variation or ULTRA ULTIMATE Brilliance cleat for women variation while you’re at it.  

Score on and off the field: best cleats for strikers

Strikers are seen as the main superstars since they are the primary goal scorers. They require cleats that are comfortable and lightweight for maximum speed. Traction is an absolute must for strikers as they need to be able to make explosive runs to finish scoring opportunities. The best cleats for strikers will be ones that combine lightweight material as well as a thick soleplate that offers excellent traction. Here are some possibilities for striker boots that we highlight and recommend.

  • Nike Phantom GX Pro FG – These cleats are perfect for wide-footed players. They are reinforced with multidirectional movement for optimal performance and versatility. They feature a mid-ankle collar for extra support to avoid unwanted injuries.
  • Puma Ultra – These variations of Puma cleats are lightweight, flexible, comfortable, and explosive. Made with a 4-way stretch fabric they are the ideal choice for strikers who need to cover lots of ground and outsmart opponents on the pitch. 

Control the Field, Control the Game: best cleats for midfielders

Midfielders require great vision in order to find open lanes and help the team create plays. They also require cleats that offer great ball control and comfort for the players to make long passes and runs. The best boots for midfielders are ones that offer comfort and control so the player sporting them can feel as confident as possible. Here are some of the best options we have in stock.

  • adidas Predator Precision+ FG – These cleats have ball control written all over them. It has all the elements of the iconic adidas predator and then some. With a soft upper stitched in cow leather, these cleats are a surefire way to make sure you control the pitch. If you’re looking for the laceless option, the Predator Accuracy+ FG is the way to go.
  • Nike Premier 3FGThe Premiers are a cleat that are strictly business. They are good for any type of player that can hustle up and down the field. Made with soft kangaroo leather, these cleats offer great impact protection. They also have short studs that increase stability for movement.
  • Nike Gripknit Phantom GX Elite Dynamic Fit FG – Cleats for midfielders have never been this elite. These Phantoms come equipped with gripknit, a sticky material that offers a better touch to the ball. They also provide the wearer with ultimate comfort and premium support.

Cover the flanks: best cleats for wingers

Wingers are typically players who attack the pitch and bring the ball forward. They must be fast and possess formidable dribbling skills. They often must beat defenders in one-on-one situations to create scoring opportunities. These factors come into play when trying to find the perfect cleats for wingers. Listed below are a few options of soccer cleats for wingers.

  • Nike Zoom Mercurial Vapor 15 Elite FG – This variation of the Mercurials has a low collar at the ankle. It is one of the most iconic Nike soccer boots. They are thin and lightweight, designed for maximum speed. These cleats are typically a better fit for narrow-footed players.
  • adidas X SpeedPortal.1 – More lightweight than other adidas cleats, the SpeedPortals are also designed for the player wearing them to reach optimal speeds. The shoe features two extra forefoot studs on the outsole that help the winger get a speed boost when pushing off of them.

Build a defensive wall: best cleats for defenders

One of the most vital parts of a soccer team’s structure is the defensive lineup. Defenders must prevent the opposing team from scoring goals by intercepting passes and blocking shots. They must possess tremendous positional awareness and be able to help their team get out of jams. For the best defender cleats, check the list below.

  • adidas Copa Gloro – Based on old-school models with a revamped design, these adidas Copas provide a nice fit with comfort and stability. Controlling the ball and dismantling your opponent’s offensive plays has never been easier. 
  • adidas Copa Icon FG – These cleats look legendary and will help make you play like a legend too. Lightweight with a soft synthetic suede lining, these boots make sure the player wearing them is sturdy, like all defenders should be. 
  • adidas Predator Edge 94+ FG – Foil your opponent’s offensive plans with these laceless cleats. Stitched in soft leather to make sure you dominate on the pitch. These are some of the best soccer cleats for defenders.

Find the Best Choice of Soccer Cleats at Premium Soccer

Find any shoe to fit your specific at Premium Soccer, thanks to our expert advice. Become a star player for your team no matter the position you play. Visit us, the best soccer store in Montréal, in-person or follow us on TikTok for more premium content on all things soccer.

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