New Jordan x PSG Fourth Kit 22/23: Unleash Your Inner Champion

New Jordan x PSG Fourth Kit 22/23: Unleash Your Inner Champion

The highly anticipated Paris Saint-Germain 2022/23 fourth kit has finally arrived! Embodying the classic style of PSG, this fresh drop with the Jordan brand is sure to excite many. A perfect combination of designs from both brands, it's a truly memorable piece of team gear for any supporter's wardrobe.

New Year New Paris Saint Germain x Jordan Collaboration

For the past several years, the partnership between Paris Saint-Germain and the Jordan brand has been highly anticipated by both football and fashion enthusiasts. As two of the most iconic brands in their respective industries, the collaboration between PSG and Jordan continues to produce innovative and stylish gear that captures the winning spirit of the football club.

The new Jordan x PSG gear is the club’s 10th kit with Jordan Brand. The Paris Saint-Germain kit in 2021/22 was both elegant and simplistic while the more experimental versions such as the 2021/22 fourth kit, had bolder intergalactic inspirations. The new range blends everything that’s exceptional about the club with iconic elements from the city.

The Paris Saint-Germain 2022/23 match fourth kit was unveiled in a friendly match between PSG and a combined team of Al Hilal and Al Nassr, which became internationally famous when Cristiano Ronaldo’s moved there during the recent transfer window.

Discover the new Jordan x PSG 22/23 Fourth Kit

Made by Nike with the Jordan Brand logo placed on the right chest, the new Paris Saint-Germain 2022/23 match fourth kit is a celebration of the city the club is rooted in. Designed using Nike’s latest Dri-FIT template, the new jersey is overall black with prominent yellow diagonal lines in the front, sleeves, and back.

While leagues have certain restrictions on the design, colours, and graphic elements of their first, second, and third kits, the fourth kits give teams more creative freedom. While they’re not usually worn for official league matches, they allow clubs to partner with reputed designers and brands.

What’s striking about the new Jordan PSG fourth kit 22/23 is the bold contrast in design, with its electrifying look connoting speed and fluidity. The overarching black brings to mind how the city reveals itself in the evenings.

The yellow beams are an understated but easily identifiable tribute to one of the greatest monuments in the world and the one that the city is synonymous with, the Eiffel Tower. As every PSG soccer fan knows, the Tower is also part of the club’s famous logo.

The erratically placed lines on the black base make for a visually arresting dynamism. The crew-neck collar is also black in colour while the Jumpman and sponsor logos are in yellow. There are pockets on both sides, with the PSG logo placed on the left chest.

The collection includes a grey shirt with the same "Paris" written on the chest. Daring and energetic, the Paris Saint-Germain Jordan gear is designed as an homage to Paris, the city of light.

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  • Paris Saint-Germain 2022/23 Match Fourth Soccer Jersey: This jersey matches authentic design elements with Nike’s lightweight, quick-drying technology. This helps some of the world’s biggest soccer stars stay cool and comfortable. This 100% polyester apparel uses Dri-FIT ADV technology to blend moisture-wicking fabric with the latest in engineering for the utmost comfort. What you wear is precisely what the pros wear on the field.
  • Paris Saint-Germain 2023/24 Stadium Fourth Football Shirt: Want to look exactly the way your team would as they take the field? This is what you need for a game-ready look that makes you look like the stars at PSG. What you get are intricate beams of yellow fiercely crisscrossing against a black background. Of course, the 100% polyester jersey has Nike’s legendary Dri-FIT technology to keep you comfortable.
  • Paris Saint-Germain 2023/24 Stadium Fourth Football Shirt Kids: There’s more than enough for kids to love the Paris Saint-Germain 2022/23 match fourth kit. With the Nike Dri-FIT technology, your kids will certainly stay dry and cool. But more than anything else, wearing this Paris Saint-Germain Jordan kit, they will stay inspired.

In this most recent drop, hoodies and sweats are also available in the same colour combination with a large PSG emblem on the back, while the long-sleeved shirt in golden colour has "Paris" written in bold letters on the left side.

Stand Out with the Jordan x PSG 22/23 Pre-Match Shirts

Made by Jordan, these are the warmup shirts the team wears when they play with the new fourth kit, whether, as seen when they're at the Parc des Princes. If you think it’s plain yellow, look closer. It has the same graphic designs as the home shirt.

Like it? Think it’s too subtle? Think the opposition would be more interested in it than the warmup? It's all up for debate, but one thing is certain. You'll get people talking once you put this on.

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PSG’s partnership with Jordan Brand has led to some of the most dynamic and cleanest kits in the soccer world. Over the years, the PSG Jordan kits have evolved to be more imaginative with designs, silhouettes, and colours.

These are not just jerseys or tops or training kits. These are icons of sports fashion that can easily integrate into your streetwear or casual collection. Here’s more from previous collabs that you can find at Premium Soccer.

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The Paris Saint-Germain 2022/23 match fourth kit stunningly captures how Paris looks and more importantly, feels at night, along with the vivacity of its citizens. That’s reason enough to get your hands on the Jordan x PSG 22/23 Fourth Kit.

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