The different Soccer brand's footwear lineups

The different Soccer brand's footwear lineups

As discussed in the Tier breakdown blog, every brand offers a variety of boot options for diverse preferences and styles. In this article, we’re going to give a brief rundown every current boot on offer by the big three brands. The detailed aspects of each boot will be saved for more in-depth boot focused articles, this will simply list and depict each boot silo.

Nike Footwear Lineups

Nike Spectrum Pack

Let’s begin with the American brand, who at the moment only offer 3 silos after having 4 silos for the better part of 12 years. Their most enduring and iconic silo lies with the Mercurial line, a built and focused around lightweight speed and new innovation. Ever since the first Mercurial donned by Brazilian Ronaldo, the line has progressed to thinner synthetic materials and ground-breaking new technologies. Currently split into the Superfly & Vapor sub-silos, the Mercurial line remains on the feet of some of the biggest names in football.

Following the Mercurial in longevity and relevance is the Tiempo silo, a leather & comfort-based model that dates back to the very early days of Nike’s existence. Focusing itself on the combination of leather and modern technology, the Tiempo continues to be a loyal pillar in the Nike lineup.

Finally, the newest offering from Nike comes in the Phantom GT, a modern and technology focused silo. Built using generative texture on the upper, the GT is a control and comfort oriented design for many young and experienced talents alike.

Outside the 3 main silos, Nike continues to offer The Nike Premier, a simplistic leather only offering at a very reasonable price point. With no tiers to this silo, it is considered separate from the others but is often offered in different colors as well as outsoles for different surfaces.

Adidas Footwear Lineup

Adidas Superlative Pack

The three stripes remain the only big brand with a 4 silo offering after Nike recently downsized their lineup. Adidas’ longest known silo, The Predator, remains their top current contender. In a very modern interpretation of the classic concept, the Predator offers a grippy and aggressive sensation on the ball.

Alongside the Predator is the speed silo, the X Ghosted line. Taking some influence from the famous long lasting F50 line from Adidas, the X Ghosted brings back thin lightweight synthetic speed boots into the industry.

Another thin synthetic offering from Adidas is the Nemeziz silo, based mostly on agility as well as weight. The Nemeziz is the flagship model of Adidas’ biggest athlete and might not be the biggest seller but remains a very accommodating boot.

Lastly, Adidas has the Copa silo. A modern interpretation of their legendary leather boot, the Copa series is the brand’s modern leather offering. Combining leather and modern technology, it is a leather fanatics’ dream. 

Outside their main offering, Adidas much like Nike has a traditional leather offering in the form of the Mundial series. Available in different outsoles, the Mundial line is straightforward leather that hasn’t changed design in countless years.

Puma Footwear Lineup

Puma Game On pack

The second German brand in this article is unlike its sister company, it only offers 3 actual silos with 1 only recently coming into the spotlight. The new Ultra silo is Puma’s latest and greatest, a speed option like no other. Combining new knitted technology and aggressive traction, the Ultra is quickly rising as a great standout in the market.

Alongside the Ultra is the Future silo, a boot originally based off Puma’s Netfit lacing system, it has since been redesigned & upgraded to a focus on fit, lockdown & comfort.

Lastly, Puma’s longest lasting silo, the King has been updated and recently brought back to the spotlight with the signing of Neymar to the brand. Its modern combination of leather and technology is one long ignored until recently.