Best Models for Wide Feet - 2022

Best Models for Wide Feet - 2022

One of, if not, the most commonly asked question regarding football boots is which are the best options for wide feet. In today’s article we will briefly cover (in no particular order) the currently best suited models for individuals with larger or wider foot shapes. A note to all individuals with these characteristics, the modern industry offers a majority of synthetic upper boots. Although great for many reasons, the natural stretch of leather would generally be the best option. For more details, read our upper comparison article .

For the sake of simplicity and accuracy, this article will only include current top-end models offered to the general public as of January 2022 by Premium Soccer Inc., no limited edition models. Let’s Begin!

Adidas Copa Mundial

The Copa Mundial is a staple of the football boot industry, it is simply inevitable. For many decades now it has remained the same design and offered the simplest formula: quality kangaroo leather. The entirety of this boot is made from thick, padded kangaroo leather and this in turn offers a great stretch and a personalized fit to any who wear them. Definitely a classic feel and look, with some weight behind it, but the comfort and fit never fail to keep it as a reliable option to all.

Adidas X Speedflow.1

The Speedflow.1 is arguably one of the best lightweight football boots on the market at the moment, with a greatly thin and flexible upper on a springy aggressive soleplate. What many don’t know is that the Speedflow.1 has a rather large amount of volume to its overall shape. It isn’t the widest option out there, but definitely would fit most wide footed players out there.

Adidas Predator Edge.1

The brand new Predator Edge.1 replaces the outgoing Predator Freak.1, and with it now comes a much roomier toe box and forefoot. The Predator Edge definitely is a unique boot, offering an immense amount of grip to the athlete wearing them. With that grip however, adidas have made the boot with a large amount of volume making this a great offering for this list. This applies both to the high cut and low cut models.


The Nike Premier

Much like the Copa Mundial from Adidas, the Nike Premier is a classic no-nonsense boot that offers quality kangaroo leather and comfort to all. This model is also relatively more modern fitting, cheaper and lighter than the Copa Mundial. Whether it’s the first, second or new third generation, the Premier is a great option.

Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Elite

The Legend 9 Elite brings a large breath of relief to old-school Tiempo fans as it returns to a more simplistic build compared to its predecessor the Legend 8. The 9 offers a rather thin but highly soft kangaroo leather upper with some foam inserts throughout the lining, which offers a very soft and forgiving feel. The soleplate is rather aggressive and the fit is modern, however the leather upper would stretch and form to most foot types.

Nike Phantom GT 2 Elite

One of the last knitted upper boots from Nike, the Phantom GT 2 is yet another synthetic option on this list. The upper is thin and the soleplate is quite aggressive, but the large amount of volume from the off-centered lacing system gives this boot a great amount of space for anyone who wants the thin feeling of a mercurial, but can’t fit their feet in them. This applies for both the regular & DF models.

Puma Future Z 1.2

Puma has always offered great options for the wide-footed player, and the same applies to their Future Z 1.3 model at the moment. The midfoot especially is a rather forgiving area as it features a specific Puma technology called the Fusionfit+ band that, without getting too specific, is very elasticated and stretches easily. Meaning anyone with a wide midfoot would be rather comfortable in this synthetic boot from Puma.


A final note to end this article, foot shapes are very unique and vary from one person to another. The best way to see what fits you is simply to try these models on and see yourself. Some are overall wide, while others are wider in certain places. It is up to you to find the best for your foot shape and size.