Nike Launches New CR7 Mercurial Cleats for World Cup 2022

Nike Launches New CR7 Mercurial Cleats for World Cup 2022

The Launch of New Nike CR7 Cleats Offers Their Best Built-for-Speed Soccer Shoes Just in Time for the FIFA World Cup 2022

World Cup fever is at an all-time high and as if on cue, Nike recently introduced its new model of CR7 cleats that Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese soccer player, will be lacing up on November 24, when Portugal faces Ghana. With best-in-class features, the new Nike Mercurial CR7 cleats are changing how the game is played.

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Ronaldo Ready for Qatar with New Nike CR7 Cleats

What cleats does Ronaldo wear? The Nike Zoom Mercurial Vapor 15 Elite CR7 cleats offer unique design patterns that draw visual inspiration from the Portuguese azulejo tiles. These cleats are the new official shoe of Ronaldo during the World Cup in Qatar. With the new model of Nike CR7 cleats, Ronaldo will have the best tools on the field to do what he does best – score goals.

Cristiano Ronaldo will be playing in what will most likely be his last World Cup, and recently renewed his contract with Nike to make the Nike Mercurial Vapor 15 Elite CR7 his shoe of choice for the tournament.

Ronaldo has been with Nike since 2003 and was only the third athlete to sign a lifetime contract in 2016. Ronaldo’s previous boot was the Nike Mercurial Superfly 9 Elite CR7, which is an excellent cleat. However, with the introduction of other Nike Zoom Mercurials, with improved flexibility and durability, Ronaldo is set to showcase Nike’s flagship boot in the world’s biggest soccer event.  

The Nike Zoom Mercurial CR7 Specs

The new Nike Mercurial Superfly 9 Elite CR7 FG soccer cleats and Vapor 15 model are designed for speed with their lightweight construction. The upper is made of soft, flexible synthetic leather that’s form-fitting to the foot for exceptional comfort, while a perforated side improves breathability. The sock liner is contoured to your foot, providing unparalleled cushioning and support, while the TPU outsole offers exceptional traction on hard, natural surfaces. 

The best way to improve your running skills is by using tri-star studs which give you more traction in all directions, which is exactly what this shoe delivers. If power off the ground isn't enough, heel and toe lugged soles allow for quick changes of direction while providing stability when stopping or braking at high speeds. The perfect shoe for strikers looking to feel supported no matter what direction they are sprinting in.

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The Inspiration Behind the CR7 Mercurial Shoes

Cristiano Ronaldo’s newly designed cleat takes its inspiration from azulejo tiles, prominent across Portugal. These azulejo tiles are a Portuguese tradition that goes back centuries. For the Nike Zoom Mercurial Vapor 15 Elite CR7, Nike took visual inspiration from the blue and white Portuguese patterns that show the creativity of the people and is a representation of Ronaldo’s play on the field.

Improved & Tested Fit

The improved fit of the shoe is a result of extensive research and testing. Thanks to the Flyknit technology, the cleat is more comfortable than ever before. This new design improves fit by reworking the original's construction to create a better-simulated foot movement, which allows for less energy loss during play and games of different intensity levels.

New Materials

The upper is made of grid mesh Vaporposite+, which provides a sleek and stable feel for high-speed ball handling thanks to the semi-ridged materials used. The material’s tactile surface offers maximum grip while still being soft enough to be comfortable on your foot without feeling too firm or tight at any point in time!

Nike engineered a special speed cage inside of the shoe structure built from a thin layered but strong material that secures the foot inside the shoe, providing superb field traction.

Discover the Nike Zoom Air difference

Nike designed a brand new, soccer-only 3/4 Zoom Air unit for the first time in history. Placed under the plate of the Mercurial cleats, it provides an extra spongy feeling under the foot that helps you move faster on the field, cut and break better, and create space between you and your defenders when you need it the most.

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