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Adidas Limited Edition Remakes

Adidas Limited Edition Remakes

It’s no secret that soccer has been around for a very long time, and one of the first brands to be part of this beautiful long-lasting sport is the German powerhouse Adidas. With over 70 years of soccer history, Adidas has had quite the impact on the sport with dozens of breakthrough products and designs. These breakthroughs are not forgotten, and many remain in the nostalgic minds of fans all over the globe.

Limited edition releases have become quite popular amongst the football industry, with collectors and resell markets becoming larger and larger every year. Adidas is one brand that has never been shy to these limited releases, especially in the last 5 years. With the exciting return of their beloved and iconic Predator line in 2017, Adidas have launched limited edition re-releases of classic Predator models (dating as late as 1998) as a way to build excitement and hype behind their forever iconic silo. 

In recent months, Adidas have amplified their Predator remakes by launching multiple diverse pairs. Starting with a crisp white remake of the Predator absolute, two different colorways of the 1998 Predator Accelerator model then followed. Their secret recipe is quite simple, take the entire upper of the original boot from 1998 and place it on a modern soleplate from 2021. After the popularity of these remakes in recent years, Adidas has been releasing these models in greater quantities but always at a higher price point. 

Pred Accelerator

Alongside the Predator, Adidas have also released modern remakes of their truly world renowned Copa Mundial model. With the German brand also offering a modern Copa line, they have done similar tactics and released limited editions of their Mundial in the form of the Copa Mundial 21. Same recipe as the Predator, the classic upper placed upon a modern soleplate and stud-pattern. 

Copa 21

To add a cherry on all these launches, Adidas even went a step further and released flat-soled versions of these remakes for casual street wear. With football products becoming more connected to casual wear, Adidas took the Predator and the Copa remakes and placed them on boost outsoles for the casual fan wanting to wear them off the pitch and on the streets. The Copa Mundial 21 TR took more of a futsal approach whereas the Predator Accelerator TR took a more casual street wear twist.

Copa 21 TR

Due to the limited release quantities, these models are not part of Adidas' regularly offered lineup. Meaning the price point will remain higher than most ordinary current footwear offerings. Quantities are depleting so if you're a fan of old-school nostalgia, now is your chance to pickup a pair before they run out!

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